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TEMLA (Transepithelium Minimal Laser Ablation)

TEMLA is an all Laser Eye Surgery procedure involving no blades, no flap cutter, no suction, no flap, no corneal pocket, and no lenticule extraction (a thin slither of corneal tissue removed), providing patients with a procedure that is more gentle on the eye. Known as the least invasive eye surgery in Perth, it is recommended that you book a suitability assessment to see if this is right for you.

A Modern Procedure

This modern development of Photo-Refractive Keratectomy (PRK) provides the same great outcome as any other refractive surgery, with less risk.  Significant long term problems are avoided as there are no cuts creating flap problems as with LASIK, or lenticule issues as with SMILE.

This patient was short-sighted (correction -3.50 in both eyes)

A ‘No Touch’ Technique

Because TEMLA (also called ‘transPRK’ by others) is a ‘no touch’ technique removing the epithelium (skin on the surface of the eye) and reshaping the cornea all in ‘one go’, potentially troublesome mechanical or chemical means of epithelium removal are eliminated (this is required for standard PRK, LASEK, epiLASIK for example).

Less Invasive & Low Risk

This ‘one-step’, ‘one-laser’ treatment is gentler, less intimidating for the patient, resulting in faster, more comfortable healing than with other older procedures. Additional lasers and equipment are not required so this reduces the cost to the patient.

TEMLA may be reliably used for myopia up to about 7.00 dioptres, and astigmatism up to about 3 dioptres. It may be suitable for small hypermetropic corrections as well.  Larger eye corrections, however, may be better treated with lens surgery.

Suitable For Most Patients

Because TEMLA is ‘100% laser eye surgery’ only, and does not create a flap, or require lenticule removal, it is a LOW RISK laser vision correction.  TEMLA also enables us to treat thinner corneas; there are no problems from ‘too deep a cut’, which means more people are suitable for this laser eye surgery.

Faster Recovery

Some ‘dry eye issues’ (predominately variable vision) are common with all Laser refractive surgeries.  But with TEMLA these problems tend to be limited and short term only, and generally are only an early postoperative problem for a few. As with all laser refractive procedures, irregular healing and ‘regression’ is a possibility and may require a ‘touch-up procedure’ or ‘retreatment’, but “haze” is uncommon with the Pulzar Z1 Refractive Laser we use.

For more information about our TEMLA technology, please book a suitability assessment or contact us today.

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