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Refractive Errors

Having a healthy level of eyesight and clear vision is one of the most vital senses we have. With regular eye examinations, you can ensure you maintain your eye health, however, over time, our eyes are susceptible to developing refractive errors that can hamper our vision.

Refractive errors are common eye disorders which can affect the ability to focus the eye, and can result in symptoms such as blurred vision and even visual impairment.

The most common form of refractive errors can be summarised as follows:

  • Astigamatism – impaired vision and focus due to an irregularly curved cornea and multiple light focal points.
  • Hypermetropia – otherwise known as hyperopia or being long-sighted is the inability to focus on objects nearby.
  • Myopia – otherwise known as being short-sighted is the inability to focus clearly on distant objects.
  • Presbyopia – The loss of accommodation of the focus for near, or simply the need for glasses in middle age persons.


Clinic Assessments

As refractive errors can occur at any age, it is essential to conduct regular eye assessments in order to keep on top of any issues. An early diagnosis can make every bit of difference in your treatment options, and as a result, our Subiaco clinic provide comprehensive clinic assessments to test for early signs of refractive errors.


Suitability Assessments

If you are considering laser eye surgery to treat a form of refractive error, we have developed a free online Suitability Test to gauge your consideration for treatment.

Whilst a clinic assessment will provide a more comprehensive overview of your options, the online Suitability Test takes only a few minutes and can kick-start your research phase when looking into laser eye surgery for the first time.

Take the test below to see if you’re eligible for our treatments!

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