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Welcome to The New Vision Centre - Perth's trusted professionals in less invasive laser eye correction procedures. Our advanced TEMLA technology offers a safe and proven procedure for premium laser eye surgery in Perth.

With no blades, flap cutters or suction, patients enjoy a low risk, less invasive approach to laser vision correction. By eliminating unnecessary technology, we provide you with the best value vision outcome.

  • Laser Eye Surgery for just $1,999 per eye (February 2020 bookings)
  • Save up to $2,000!
  • Have a less invasive procedure, no blades or suction, so less risk.

February Offer Terms and conditions:

* Valid for eligible patients who are deemed suitable for laser surgery after a comprehensive suitability consultation, which must be booked before 4pm Friday February 28th 2020. The special offer price of $1,999 per eye is available for laser procedures booked and carried out in February 2020 only.

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Why choose The New Vision Centre?

Our established Subiaco practice offers advanced TEMLA technology for maximum value and safety to help our patients achieve their best vision for the lowest risk.

After careful assessment and consultation, we will tailor a procedure to suit your needs. Our least invasive procedure TEMLA could be the one for you, however, our specialist team are equipped with a full range of surgery options that may suit you better.

We welcome you to visit our clinic to determine which option is best suited for you.

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Temla for only $2,495/eye

The New Vision Centre has a full range of corrective eye surgery options to suit your individual needs. Our surgeon will recommend the safest procedure for you at your consultation. Our aim is to help you to achieve the best vision outcome, whilst safe guarding your interests at all times.

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(08) 9382 4455

Temla for only $2,495/eye

TEMLA - Trans-Epithelial Minimal Laser Ablation

TEMLA is a less invasive, low risk laser vision correction technique for all patients suitable for laser vision correction, TEMLA achieves effective vision outcomes with a simple one-step, gentle, no cut treatment.

What does TEMLA do?

This LASER eye surgery procedure uses a solid-state flying spot refractive laser to gently remove the surface layers, then re-shape, the cornea. There is no need for other appliances, suction devices, or separate cutting lasers to create a cut and flap into the cornea. The latest software algorithm drives the tracking refractive laser through the whole process.


By avoiding a cut into the eye and creating a flap or tunnel, this increases the safety of the procedure, and significantly reduces long-term risks. No blades, no flap cutter and no suction means a gentle safe approach that has the same effective outcome as any other refractive surgery. Long term problems from too deep a cut, or flap issues are completely avoided.

Who is suitable for TEMLA?

TEMLA may be reliably used for myopia (short sight) up to around 7.00 dioptres, astigmatism up to about 3 dioptres, and those with mild hypermetropia (up to 2 dioptres of long-sightedness). Larger eye corrections may be better treated with lens surgery. By not having to create a flap we are able to treat thinner corneas; which means more people may be suitable for laser eye surgery.

What is involved?

Because this is an all laser eye surgery, it is only an office procedure; there is no need to go to the operating theatre to cut a flap. It simply involves lying on a bunk, looking at the light and it's done in a few minutes. Afterwards a bandage contact lens is placed whilst it heals, and this is removed four or five days later.

Are there any issues?

As with all laser eye surgery vision correction, some have dry eyes following TEMLA treatment, but the problem tends to be limited and short term only. For larger corrections "haze" leading to regression is a possibility, but it is uncommon with the Pulzar Z1 Refractive Laser we use.


About Us

At The New Vision Centre, we operate at the forefront of vision correction surgery in Australia and offer the most advanced refractive laser technology, in addition to a full range of other refractive surgery procedures. Our laser eye surgeon, Professor Nigel Morlet MB BS (WA) has over 20 years of experience and along with our friendly staff, will assess your needs and provide a 'tailored' solution to suit your personal circumstances.

“I’d like to welcome you to New Vision – choosing the right refractive procedure for your own personal circumstance can be difficult. We take pride in our clinical approach to your problems, wanting to ensure your great outcome with minimal risk.”

– Nigel Morlet

Why Choose Us?

We want you to achieve your best vision with the lowest risk, best value, refractive surgery procedure. At New Vision we 'tailor' the procedure to suit your particular need after careful assessment and consultation.

The least invasive procedure TEMLA may be best for you, but if not, we have a full range of other surgical options that may suit you better.

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We also offer some financing

We have a choice of financing options that may suit you. Ask for more information at your consultation and make a start on your journey to better sight today.

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Parking Wilson Parking is available adjacent to the clinic, with the entrance via Station street. No cost parking is available under Coles and Woolworths off Station Street at the roundabout. We are only 200 meters from the Subiaco train station.

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