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What is TEMLA?

October 22, 2014

Trans-Epithelial Minimal Laser Ablation is a laser refractive surgery for vision correction.

The advanced Pulzar 213 solid state refractive laser uses a flying spot ablation to reshape the cornea with precision tracking technology. Tens of thousands of spots vaporise fractions of microns of corneal tissue to a precise shape.

The same laser gently removes the epithelium (the ‘skin’ of the eye) and also re-shapes the corneal stroma in a ‘one-step’ process.

TEMLA vision correction surgery can treat myopia (up to about 7 dioptres), hypermetropia (up to about 3 dioptres), and astigmatism (up to about 4 dioptres). No separate cutting blade or flap laser is required, no suction device is used (no flap!). TEMLA laser vision correction is a gentle, low impact and safe procedure for those suitable.

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