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What happens with the Laser procedure?

May 2, 2013

We take you into the Laser theatre where you will lie down on the bunk. Once we move you in under the Laser we align you looking up at the red fixation point of light. We give you numbing drops again, and also just before beginning the Laser ablation. Your eyelids are washed with antiseptic, and sterile sticky plastic drapes are applied to the eyelids. You do not have to worry about blinking because we place a speculum to to hold the lids apart. Once we have checked the alignment, locked in the Laser tracker, we fireup the Laser. You’ll hear a buzzing noise, might smell the ablation fumes, and notice that we wash the eye a few times during the procedure. After a few minutes the Laser has completed the ablation then we place a Bandage Contact Lens, remove the drapes, give you some antibiotic and anti inflammatory drops, and the laser eye surgery procedure is done!