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What are the benefits of having New Vision Corrective eye surgery?

April 25, 2013

Our technology

With our preferred procedure TEMLA, we only remove the smallest fraction of tissue with the laser surgery ablation, we don’t cut into the eye to create a flap. This lowers the risk of long term problems and is particularly suitable for the Police, Armed services, and other occupations and sports with demanding physical roles. The safest, less invasive, and gentle. The TEMLA procedure uses no suction, no blade, has no flap complications, and is safer in the event of a blow to the eye. TEMLA treats with a minimal corneal ablation and an programmed blend zone which affects the peripheral vision less, reducing problems with glare and blurring when your pupil enlarges in low light at dusk and night. Our Solid State technology avoids the need for toxic gases and there is less degradation of the laser optics reducing the need of constant maintenance. So we can achieve predictable and safe results at a lower cost for you.

Your outcomes

Most people don’t really want to wear glasses, and without them you will feel free to participate in sports, hobbies or activities that you may have avoided in the past. Contact lenses may not provide enough comfort or convenience for you, which limits their use. Activities such as swimming, running, gym, surfing, football and contact sports all become easier without your visual aids.

If you have an active working life, “it is a pain” having to put up with glasses falling or sliding off your face, steaming up, always dusty, getting scratched, or never having the right focus. If you work in an industry that requires safety wear or a respirator, being free of glasses enables you to wear the normal gear, Laser eye surgery will help you achieve this goal.

You can wear whatever style of sunglasses you want. The wrap arounds for cycling, or the latest fashion from Italy, the choice would be yours! If you have previously worn contact lenses, or upgraded your spectacles regularly, you will be aware of just how expensive glasses or contact lenses can be!